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After they reached agreements on the price, both buyers asked over email to pay on Venmo.

Movassaghi said sure and, “Just like any other friend paying on Venmo, it comes through.” On Dec.

In short, these scammers are slipping into the gap between what Venmo has taught us to expect and the reality of what both the company and America’s underlying financial infrastructure are actually able to handle, and they’re blowing it wide open.Venmo’s support team asked for more details about the transactions, which he sent along.But subsequent messages from the company were even less reassuring. 15, 2014, from a customer support representative: “We have no way of retrieving payments once [they] have been reversed.” From a support supervisor on Jan.At the time, Venmo’s customer service was shabby, its staff small at just 70 full-time employees, its basic account protections minimal.In the weeks after that story ran, Venmo started to shape up.

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