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The NTC that the Western left portrayed as all-powerful due to its CIA and Arab state patronage was not able to move into Tripoli for weeks afterwards.To this day, the NTC has not disarmed rebel fighters, contrary to the confident predictions born of anti-imperial hubris by anti-interventionists who sought to convince us that the revolution was a mirage and that the West’s pawns chosen from above were firmly in control of post-Ghadafi Libya.The driving force behind the military offensive by Berber militias in western Libya that was timed to coincide with the surprise uprising in Tripoli that ousted Ghadafi was not NATO.NATO did not organize the underground network of neighborhood cells in Tripoli that penetrated Ghadafi’s secret police.Broken Records Lead to Broken Crystal Balls When NATO launched airstrikes in Libya, the anti-interventionists heard the same pretexts about human rights and freedom used to justify wars for empire and oil in Afghanistan and Iraq.This identical stimulus triggered an identical reaction – they used the contradictions and hypocritical flaws in the official rationales for intervention as the basis for opposing NATO’s action – just as Pavlov’s dogs reacted as if they were being fed when they heard a bell ring, regardless of whether any food was actually served.(Never forget 9/11.) This was no accident or coincidence.

A hijacking is a struggle for control between legitimate and illegitimate actors where the rogue elements get the upper hand.Out of 30,000 people who were killed in the Libyan civil war, how many were NATO personnel? That number would have been higher if NATO ground forces were in the thick of combat or invaded (much less occupied) the country.3) Paradoxically, NATO’s successful campaign in Libya made a future U. Russia and China are now determined to block any attempt to apply the Libyan model to Syria at the United Nations Security Council and the Obama administration is not willing to defy either of them by taking Bush-style unilateral military action for the time being.This conditioned reaction to the broken record of justifications led anti-interventionists to conclude that NATO’s end of the Libyan war would resemble the Afghan and Iraq wars and so their case against intervention was built around the following predictions: 1) Mass civilian casualties due to Iraq or Viet Nam-style aerial bombardment; 2) Foreign invasion/occupation due to imperialist “mission creep”; 3) Future interventions would be easier and more likely elsewhere; 4) A neocolonial regime would be installed in Tripoli as the result of NATO-led “regime change,” the logical conclusion of the “revolution was hijacked” conspiracy theory.1) There was no massive NATO bombardment of civilian targets, there was no Libyan highway of death, no Black Hawk Down, no Wikileaks-style helicopter gunship atrocities.The absence of wanton slaughter of civilians by NATO compelled Ghadafi to collateral damage incidents and civilian funerals and arbitrarily exaggerate the number of civilians killed.

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