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We are a community of racial realists and idealists.We are White Nationalists who support true diversity and a homeland for all peoples.*[Alburz/Elburz/Alborz mountains: (Also see Mountains below) Today, the mountains of northern Iran are called the Elburz.Wikipedia also reports, "As recently as the 19th century, a peak in the northernmost range in the Hindu Kush system, just south of Balkh, was recorded as Mount Elburz in British army maps." The name Alborz is said to derive from the Avestan Hara Berezaiti or Hara-Berez, the Hara mountains. As did the legendary rivers of Airyana have their source in the Hara-Bareza (meher Yasht 10.14), the Bundahishn continues the tradition of ascribing the source of the principal Veh rivers in the Alborz.] Middle Persian texts and the Shahnameh tell us that the Amu Darya or Oxus river (see map below) formed a border of ancient Bakhdi, and that the border between Airan (the later name form of Airyana Vaeja) and Turan was also the Amu Darya. Balkh / Bactria & King Vishtasp Airyana Vaeja's Terrain Landscape Rivers of Airyana Vaeja: Daraja and Daitya Veh Rivers Rivers Flowing into Neighbouring Countries Harirud Rivers of Sughdhem/Sugd Murgab.Mouru is commonly identified with the area around modern Merv and the Murghab / Murgab river and its delta in present-day Turkmenistan - though this identification is by no means certain.Regarding identification of the Veh with the Oxus / Amu Darya River, the Lesser Bundahishn at 20.22 states that "the Balkh river comes out from the Aparsen likely Gk.Paropamisus (interestingly also called the Alburz in some modern maps.

Among the first "hearers and teachers" of Zarathushtra's message listed in the Farvardin Yasht (13.99) was King Vishtasp.) at the eastern end of the Hindu Kush mountain of Bamikan (likely Bamian/Bamiyan), and flows on to the Veh river." Today, the Balkh river rises in the eastern Hindu Kush in Bamiyan province and flows north into Balkh province.Before irrigation reduced its flow, it was a tributary of the Amu Darya].The Lesser Bundahishn at 20.22 also states that "The Teremet river flows away to the Veh river." Teremet is identified by West as Tajikistan's Termez today across the Amu Darya / Oxus from Balkh province.Termez would have been the gateway to the northern valley of Bakhdhi/Balkh, a valley that leads to Dushanbe, Tajikistan's present capital.

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