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They also believe that the destiny is pre determined at the time of birth of a person. They are The concept of the Four pillars of Destiny or Ba Zi is very popular in China and Japan and is considered to be the most ancient Chinese metaphysical technique to predict or reveal the destiny as well as for analyzing a person's fortune based on the birth date.Bazi or Four Pillars of Destiny is unique and quite different from other and Western astrology. You may also hear that you are going to become a parent. You have the opportunity to understand and know things with immediacy that will make you very sought after in your field.

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Jupiter will move into retrograde motion on the 5th which may not be a bad thing for you actually, other than you may need to adjust your attitude a bit at work or pertaining to your health situation. Think about the good times you have had on this day in years past.

Destiny cannot be changed but it can help you to understand your weaknesses and strengths so that you are able to make decisions which are in tune with your natal chart.

So in short, Four pillars of destiny or Bazi is a technique that can be used to crack the elemental effect of our lives based on the time of the birth.

This might speak to you and how you have "arrived" in your field and can intuitively glean information others can't or that you have met someone that has this gift and can give you a great deal of insight into your life and your future.

Others will enbark upon a very intense romance that will probably change you forever. In other cases, something you have been working on but keeping out of the spotlight will pan out to harbor a great deal of genius.

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