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With a need for new treatments, scientists are beginning to ask whether cannabis could hold the answer.Melanoma is thought to be brought on by exposure to UV rays from the sun or tanning beds, although it is assumed that other factors such as genetics or certain chemicals can trigger it as well.Although there is a still lot of research to be done, especially when it comes to human cancers, the evidence for the effectiveness of cannabinoids is mounting.Last year, the Journal of Investigative Dermatology published a study where they treated melanoma in mice with THC and CBD."Internet scams are unique in that they offer you an opportunity to personally combat them without compromising your own safety; the same is just not true of most crime – one wouldn't take on the drug dealers in a local neighborhood, for instance."The threat of jail certainly doesn't deter these people, but being humiliated in front of their peers just might cost them some reputation.It's likely the only punishment most scammers get."Advance-fee fraud boomed in Nigeria as government corruption and an economic downturn during the 1990s fueled poverty and disillusionment in the country, said Insa Nolte of the University of Birmingham's Centre of West African Studies.0 million from Americans annually and drive some of their victims to suicide, but Nigeria's notorious e-mail scam artists may finally have met their match – and the results can be hilarious.Click here for photos from the scammer hall of shame.

Some have focused on the fact that most 419 scammers are black, accusing scambaiters of racism.

When cells in the skin begin to mutate, they become dark and form oddly shaped marks on the skin.

If left untreated, the cancer can spread or metastasize to other parts of the body.

The current course of treatment for melanoma is to surgically remove it in the early stages and chemotherapy in those cases where the cancer already spread.

A cancerous melanoma mole will look different when compared to a common skin mole.

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    The only way to positively link an individual to a specific sex offender record is though fingerprint verification.

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    Falling for the Single Dad by Emily Forbes features a plastic surgeon returning from active duty in Afghanistan - who also happens to be a single parent.

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