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I quickly say don’t decide yet lets get back first and see how things pan out then decide.I tell him that when we get home my wife’s parents will be there and I have to take them back home.We finally say our goodbyes and leave for the drive home.For some reason I take advantage of my wife being drunk and say I wish we could pick someone up and do the same as what was being done on the video.We’ll say that you are a friend and have come back for a drink as we haven’t seen you for a while.

I go in and see Chris sitting on an armchair with a drink which my wife had got for him. To which my wife says we’ve talked about it and Chris is a bit uneasy with things.

I quickly say how about giving him a lift and see if he wants to fuck you. I say come on lets try at least we’ll give him a lift. I’ll tell you what I’ll do I’ll turn around double back and if he hasn’t got a lift we can stop.

OK she says but I’m sure he’ll not want to and anyway he may have already got a lift.

Alles ist mit Verbrauchssteuern belegt und weiterlesen…

I know there is gonna be a lot of drinking and partying involved and she told me she would not wear underwear the whole week and let her pussy rule the week. Here and there I get a peek through the arms and legs and cocks surrounding me to see who is watching. All I saw was her shoes and the bottom of her skirt.

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    There are so many shades in life as one travels lifes sexual journey.

  2. Single frau zürich 13-Sep-2017 13:11

    After she makes short work of the shoe, we get her out of those pants.

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