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It is Bermuda's second most eastern Parish, on the North and South Shores.

It has deep water limestone caves, with subterranean passages.

(Part of the Parish and a local Government run school have Harrington in their name.

(Another historical narrative shows, wrongly, a point that has never been corrected, that this parish was once called Bedford Tribe, after the Duke of Bedford, her husband. After the financial misfortunes of herself and her husband came another wealthy aristocratic patron, James Hamilton (1589-1625), 2nd Marquis of Hamilton in the Scottish peerage. The Scottish town of Hamilton, not far from Glasgow, was named after his family's extensive land holdings He was one of the many Scots peers who accompanied King James VI of Scotland and first of England to London when he ascended the throne on the death of Queen Elizabeth 1 in 1603.

Next to Flatts Bridge, where the Atlantic Ocean flows into First Flatts Inlet and then the inland Harrington Sound lake.

It is unrelated to the City of Hamilton eight miles away.It includes Abbott's Cliff Road and Abbott's Crescent.The park has splendid walking along unmarked trails and lovely frequent views of Harrington Sound and its islands.He was one of the gentlemen Adventurers who invested in the Bermuda Company to colonize it from 1615.As he was the largest shareholder in the original Hamilton Tribe, it took his name and the parish bears his coat of arms of the time.

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