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This led to a custom of developing other commemorative bottles marking sporting events, regional festivals and customer celebrations.

Fashioned to echo the distinctive style of the curved bottle, the glasses included the signature Coca-Cola script.

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At the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, you can view artifacts from yesterday and today in the The Loft.

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The glasses have also been branded for commemorative occasions — such as major sporting events, movie premieres and as limited edition giveaways at food outlets.

From almost day one, the original Coca-Cola beverage was advertised on signs.

Bottlers would order these containers in color and design to suit their liking, which explains the reason collectors discovered the straight-sided bottles in varying colors such as amber, brown, aqua, light green and clear.

Using a celebrity endorsement tactic, some of the early Coca-Cola signs carried the image of popular Vaudeville singer, Hilda Clark.

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