Dating an alpha male

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” Or, if he texts you saying he’ll have to work on Saturday and won’t be able to go on a hike with you and you text him back “Why do you have to work on the weekend? ” Now, you might be reading this and thinking, “She’s powerless and has no say in her relationship.” You’d be surprised to know that it’s the exact opposite.

I have an unlimited power in expressing my wants, needs, and desires without making my man feel manipulated, controlled and emasculated (that would only put any real man on a defensive.) My husband can be himself, feel respected (which men value more than feeling loved) and unconditionally accepted with me.

”), demand (“I need you to be ok with me going anywhere I want”) or as for explanations (“Why can’t I go to Ibiza by myself?

I’ll be happy to answer and give you some coaching via a blog post, video or even a private session.

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Being in an 8-year committed relationship with an alpha man, I have to remind myself why I fell in love with my husband.

I remember how free we felt and how much fun we had on our first dates when time didn’t exist.

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