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If yes, I’d put all my money on the chance that you have a hormone imbalance.

If you’re currently in the dating pool and struggling with a hormonal imbalance, you’re probably not, as I like to say, “rocking your mission.” Stress, sex drive, and body image issues can all be traced back to hormonal problems as well as less-than-stellar dating experiences.

And I lost 10 pounds in all the right places.” – Janice Lunde, Dr. You can have the joyous, mission-driven life you want, and Dr.

Sara’s Detox Challenge Participant“You don’t have to settle for being stressed out, binging on sugar and chocolate, and aging prematurely. Sara is here to show us how.” – Marci Shimoff, New York Times Bestselling Author of Happy for No Reason and Love for No Reason“Dr. Sara Gottfried is a modern-day healer goddess if ever there was one, and she also happens to be a Harvard Medical School graduate and rigorous physician-scientist.” – Christiane Northrup MD, author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom“Dr.

In the long run, taking fish oil, doing yoga, and cutting down on caffeine will calm you down while simultaneously revving up your metabolism and sex drive.

For an immediate soother before dates that have you all keyed up, deep breathing or guided relaxation before you meet up will keep your stress levels in control. Dating Dilemma: I Feel Frumpy It’s hard to find a woman who likes everything about her appearance.

Your Dating Dilemma Solution: Balance your estrogen and progesterone. – Adam Levine, Stereo Hearts How to Ace Your Hormonal Blind Date Most of us are on a blind date with our hormones; we know they’re out there, but we know next-to-nothing about them.

Does the thought of dressing up, meeting someone new, and making sparkling conversation sound next to impossible?

Many thyroid problems can be attributed to gluten sensitivity, stress, environmental toxins, or a vitamin D deficiency.

If you suspect that your thyroid is off, I urge you to work with a physician to test your vitamin D levels, look into a gluten-free diet, and better manage your stress.

Chronically elevated cortisol can slow down your metabolism, erase your sex drive, and turn you forgetful and frazzled.

What a wicked game to play, to make me feel this way – Phillip Phillips, Wicked Game Your Dating Dilemma Solution: Balance your cortisol levels.

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