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Roman insists that they will soon get a mansion, but need to work their way "to the top" first.Niko is seen entering clubs and coming out of bars, where he is welcomed by a man who says "Move Up, Ladies." In a later scene, he is asked "So, where are you taking me?This wiki How teaches you how to get a girlfriend in Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V.

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The trailer then shows an unidentified male holding a saw at the back of Niko's head, before some clips are played at high speed.On 28 November 2007, a video was released, labelled "Official Box Art Unveiling", on the official GTA IV website.The video shows several artists painting the cover art on a wall at a secluded warehouse location.It ends with a scene in which Niko is wiping his forehead in the rain.The trailer uses "Real Mc Koy" by reggae artist Mavado.

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