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My Stepmother Teresa hadn't done much, it seemed, in quite a while, since her last experience documented in her other stories.She dressed pretty conservatively again, and all seemed quiet and placid in our lives.The way they went silent as we neared, and all stood there staring at us told me as well as my instincts, that something was up.

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[This is explained in another story.] However, they seemed to recognize us, and I got that uneasy sense of nasty intentions one often gets near such a group when you pass them.She even let one lad stick a beer mat between her tits, and it didn't even fall out, such was the tightness and plumpness of her cleavage. ", they yelled, and the brassy slags around us yelled for it too. She showed her amazing skill at tassel twirling, making one swirl a separate way to the other, and all kinds of things! She'd wiggle her bare foot sexily and lick her lips, then flick the stocking off her toes!My cock throbbed as her round firm breasts wobbled together in his grinning face, the tassels whirling at their ends like fucking helicopter blades! Standing up again, as the music began its repeating brassy track once more, and now clad only in her panties and nipple tassels, she began running the fishnet stockings up and down between her thighs, shamelessly.She even stepped off the stage, coming to three of the youths who were sat at the front middle table, with her hands buried up in her hair. Back onstage, she kicked off her shoes, then really made a meal of removing her stockings, popping the clips then slowly and putting one leg at a time up on the chair quite elegantly, as she slowly teased and jerked them down her legs to the music.She smiled warmly at them while she stuck her chest in their faces and whirled the hell out of the tassels for them! After finishing one she would sit and point the newly bared leg out to us all, with the fishnet stretched out between her clasped toes and her hand, and pout at us all.

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