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We started restoring the Sedamsville Rectory about a year and a half ago.

Please view the Rectory photos below and if you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear from you.

I’m finding this story more and more yuck if that’s even possible.

Otherwise why tell the extraordinary story if you didn’t want people to be impressed by it and ask for more.

I have only watched our episode twice and that was over a year ago. Remember it's hours and hours condensed into a 43 minute episode, but I think they did an amazing job of telling the story and sharing what we all experienced.

So, last night when a friend posted that our episode was on... I can assure you that as intense as this episode appears to be? All I kept thinking as I watched the episode was how terrifying it was. Remembering how concerned I was that he wasn't driving me home in the frame of mind he was in, worried about bringing the nastiness back to my own home.

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This Indiana exorcism story has been the hot topic all week. The people involved claim they didn’t know it would blow up like this. Over-enthusiastic believe in archaic superstitions, the Hollywood-like storyline, the lack of any evidence except eyewitness accounts (by people who seem overly credulous) and the fact that nothing was amiss before or after the Ammons’ account.

And, special thanks to Father Ashcraft for having all of our best interest in mind and offering to help us. I feel bad they had to experience the truly dark side of the Rectory.

They've had some serious things happen to them while investigating the Rectory. I never ever in a million years thought my parents would end up on a paranormal show... Can you just set aside the torment of those dozens of innocent boys that were molested there in the 1950's and 60's? Can you look the other way knowing the physical and emotional torture the dogs in the basement withstood before their deaths? I know the Sedamsville Rectory is one of those places where evil has pulled up a chair to stay awhile. It's a sick twisted place with layers upon layers of bad things.

)Dear Zak, at least a few skeptics have suggested you take them with you on your investigation on this “portal to hell”* investigation.

Are you so confident in your beliefs that you will attempt to convince more critical thinkers of the reality of these claims?

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