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The GSE firm then head to an away game against Manchester United.Matt was not meant to come but ends up sneaking onto the train.The Millwall firm then crash the Abbey, and petrol bomb the bar.On arrival, Tommy confronts Steve, whose attempts to convince Tommy that he is no longer involved in the GSE only further reminds him of his son, and he stabs Steve in the neck with a broken bottle, telling him that if he dies tonight then they are both even.It was directed by Lexi Alexander and stars Elijah Wood and Charlie Hunnam.In the film, an American college student falls in with a violent West Ham football firm (the Green Street Elite) run by his brother-in-law's younger brother and is morally transformed by their commitment to each other.Whilst on the train they are warned that 40 Manchester United firm members are waiting for them at the station singing "Where's your famous GSE! Bovver hits the emergency stop button which allows the GSE to get off at an earlier stop (Macclesfield).

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As the van approaches the Manchester United fans, Matt tells them that they are moving equipment for a Hugh Grant film, so the fans let them through.

Matt does not initially accept the money, but reconsiders and uses it to visit his sister Shannon (Claire Forlani), her husband Steve Dunham (Marc Warren) and their young son, Ben (James Allison) living in London.

There, Matt meets Steve's brother, Pete (Charlie Hunnam), an acerbic and imposing Cockney who leads the local football hooligan firm – Green Street Elite (GSE): a group of football supporters who arrange fights after matches – and teaches at a local school.

Initially reluctant to get involved with an internal struggle within the GSE, Tommy Hatcher agrees upon learning that Steve Dunham is there.

Pete angrily confronts Matt in the bathroom over the covering-up of his real identity.

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