Grieving widower dating web

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"I want you to find someone else, but only if they are good for the children," she told me.

I got married very young, at aged 22, back in 1999, when people met their partners the old-fashioned way – down the pub or at parties.

After all, it's a very crowded dating market out there – and grief is a long way from romance.

It was obvious that for many single women my situation was way too complicated.

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The heart of our family had been ripped away from us, and as much as counselling helped me come to terms with the reality, the gaping hole remained.

However, the difficulties of online dating in my situation were apparent very quickly: marital status is very prominent on the sites.

Initially, I put "prefer not to say" and wondered why I got very little response.

Plenty of Fish was a marginal improvement and, like Tinder, free of charge, but from comments on women's profiles, the amount of weirdo men was ruining it for the rest of us.

The paying sites such as Match, Zoosk and Soulmates seemed far better in terms of the quality of conversation and there was a greater level of trust, gained by the security of knowing everyone had entered credit card details.

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