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So extremely privileged are the girls with curly hair and so lucky are the girls that have waves styled by nature for them!How women always envy the things that they always want and how true is the liking of the grass on the other side.Even if you have straight hair, you can maintain a curl by curling your hair through hot rollers, spiral perm rods, one-inch round curling iron, small curl perm rods or straighteners.With hair length coming to just above the shoulder, medium curly hair style is perfect for women who do not want short hair but also do not want the hassles involved in maintaining long hair.At the time of my first Herba Tint application, I hadn't used any color products on my hair for several months.Not exactly "virgin" hair but at the same time, not with a lot of build-up from other products that could have impacted the results I got from this product.I don't want to continue to use these products for many reasons now.

I bought Herba Tint at a health food store and for that reason, believed at the time that it was safer and less toxic that the mainstream hair color choices like: Clairol, L'Oreal etc. Based on the I don't really know if there is such a thing as a natural hair color product (for me, it's been to attain a medium brown color) unless you stick with homemade mixtures such as: sage rinse (tried it, didn't do much), walnut shells, various herbal teas and rinses etc..henna (can be a bit tricky to achieve consistent color results and quite messy).Depending on the length of hair that you have, you can have short, medium or long curly hairstyle.Go for a short curly hairstyle if you do not want to spend too much in your curls while getting ready for the day.Once you reach the scalp hold the hair with curler securely with a bobbing pin. Use smaller rollers on the side and front of the face and larger rollers at the back.Blow dry your hair and keey the curlers on as long as possible.

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