Havent met his friends dating 2 months puszka paradowskiej online dating

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BUT....after three months together...seems quite odd indeed that he wouldn't make a gesture towards you on Valentines Day. Don't start with "We need to talk." Maybe a simple, "Hey, I was kinda wondering how you were feeling about us. He may value your time together so much he wants every opportunity to be alone with you.

If I were you, but I'm not you, sayin' if I was...would bug me a lot more than the meeting the friends thing.ahhhh..well, it's just that you both don't really know if you're exclusive yet. I'm getting to the point where I really like having you around, and was wondering if you're in the same boat." Because, unfortunately, he might just have you as a FWB in his head. I really don't know what to make of a question that starts with "we have a great relationship" and then 16 or so answers to your concern that makes a mountain out of a molehill.

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Depending on those fun things it may be possible to tag along in some cases On the Valentine's day issue, this reinforces the question of whether or not those that choose to treat Valentine's day like just another day is truly respected and honored or would those be trampled by those that want to indulge the materialistic consumer-driven world we inhabit.

He may be very well comfortable with the pace in which your "relationship" is going.

If you don't meet any in the next three months, though, I'd be curious...

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Either way, have a talk about it if it really bothers you. If he has a best friend he always talks about..say you want to meet that one friend sometime.

However by not even wanting to take you out on Valentines Day ( this is a red flag as even at just 3 months or just a casual relationship-you would think he would atleast want to take you out for dinner or atleast go out and have a Valentine's Date).....doesn't sound like he is all that serious about you.

I wouldn't doubt it if he thought you guys were only casually dating. Then again, he could be one of those guys who are thoughtless and doesn't even care to buy a girlfriend a birthday card on her birthday..such is the case, you might want to forget about this douchebag.

You haven't yet commited in return thus you have no right in my humble opinion to have feelings towards Vday. MHO well, perhaps he's just enjoying the 'nice times' you have where you 'really seem to enjoy each other's company'. I could be wrong but this screams 'Married' or 'SO' to me.

Further if I were in his shoes I'd be keeping my eye on the door and guarding my feelings. It sounds rather....ummmm....but, not too Ho T, if you get what I mean. Could be his friends know his wife or SO so you can't meet them and he spent Valentines with his other.

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