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16-year-old fanfiction writer Lauren – who appears to enjoy Dan and Phil fanfic – decided, for whatever reason, to pen a 3,503 word essay detailing all the “wrong things” in the first chapter of Zoella’s Girl Online after Zoella released the first chapter for free on her Facebook page.She lists 58 different critiques (most rather nitpicky) in an effort to slam Zoella’s book.We came to know about his relationship via his You Tube channel.

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So there Joe is, hidden in Caspar’s closet, disguising a really entirely too cheesy (romantic? Their pathetic little bodies and their heats and their fur. She doesn’t know what to expect or who she’s going to run into on this massive campus.Phil is the head if the city’s most powerful mafia, and Dan is his baby. Dan is soft, but crazy, and most importantly, he is Phil’s. THIS IS NOT ABANDONED - I'm working through some family issues, but I'm still writing. After the car-crash, almost half a year ago, Joe is still having nightmares. I can’t say I’m too happy about my impending doom but I guess it has been a good ride.His roommate, Byron, are forced to witness Joe fall apart, until he decides that Joe isn't capable of asking for help himself. When life offers you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, it's unreasonable to grieve when it comes to an end. His smile remained unfaltering as he lumbered forward, undeterred, to kill me. Whenever you wake up, I’ll be here.”Jack gets into a serious accident, and Joe needs to pick up the pieces so they can both move on.He mimics the famous stars like Niall Horan(One Direction singer) and Tyler Oakley(You Tuber). His nationality is British and belongs to European ethnicity. He was raised by his parents in a friendly and entertaining environment along with his older sister Zoe Sugg popularly known as Zoella.He was highly interested in Vlogging and in making short videos from the young age.

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