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Therefore, the company places great attention on organizing promotional activities for KARMART members regularly.

100% of KARMART shops fall within the franchise system whereby entrepreneurs or franchisees assume the role of shop operators, conclude outright sales with the company and possess discrepancy to implement customized marketing activities or offer discounts as per the need of individual KARMART shop.

KARMART shops focus on retail sales and operate as cosmetic stores under a multi-brand concept, presenting all KARMART beauty products under one roof, thereby giving rise to a One-Stop-Service beauty center.

Consistent interior decoration comprising the corporate shocking pink shade is put in place to present a standard brand image to consumers.

The primary objective of the business lies in the conception of new products which deliver aesthetic appeal and unique beauty solution to customers, thereby allowing mass consumers to enjoy shopping for each and every category of beauty products to satisfy their customized needs.

Underlying the primary objective is KARMART's promise to deliver high quality products produced across the globe at reasonable prices affordable to all.

KARMART shop is an important channel for the company, ensuring easy and convenient access to all KARMART products in mass markets.

I’m proud to work with a company who’s been serving satisfied customers for over 80 years.

Our website resides behind a firewall and uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer, the industry-standard security protocol used to communicate with browsers) to transmit personal information.

Data is strongly encrypted during transmission to ensure that personal and payment information is secure.

Franchisees are also entitled to adopt monthly promotional directives from the company.

Every branch implements Point-of-Sale system centrally linked to the company and data feeds are centrally analyzed by the company to offer management support for each and every franchisee.

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