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Around 30 dogs died of suffocation and heat stroke after being taken to a dog show in the back of a sweltering van in the Philippines.Horrific footage shows helpers desperately trying to revive the dogs after they had been removed from the vehicle upon arrival at the Beagle Fanciers Club Dog Show in Marikina, near Manila.As discussed earlier, there are working girls in Hanoi that operate in various forms.You may find some of them at various coffee shops, some of them can be found working for certain massage parlors and spas offering special massages and extra services for adults.

Apart from that there are various spas and massage parlors offering extra services and adult recreational massage for entertainment and fun.Vietnamese girls, while being more hard to get than Thai, Lao or Khmer girls, are very passionate and open to foreigners.Expats have the feeling that they are more being used by those girls for English language exchange, than their wallets - which is a pretty good thing.Hanoi girls are said to be quite passionate and open to the foreigners.Well, it is to be noted that prostitution in Hanoi is illegal.

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