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We’ll be spending the night at the basic but cozy Gorkha Inn. 45 km Before breakfast, we’ll be hiking the 250-meter ascent to the old royal palace on a mountain ridge overlooking Gorkha.

From there, we’ll have a breathtaking view of the Ganesh Himal massif with the Yangra (7,429 m) and Manaslu (8,163 m) peaks.

The single cylinders of our Royal Enfield Bullets – Indian-made British heavy metal – are chugging away happily.

The bikes are relics of India’s colonial past that are still rolling off the production line today, almost unchanged over the past 60 years.

The afternoon we spend on the lake raod of Pokhara, later opportunity of shaking a leg at live rock music in the Pub. Distance covered: depending on your chosen activity, 0 or 150 km 130 km of endlessly winding, lonely mountain roads on the Siddhartha Highway, named after the historical Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama.Bikers will certainly feel a step closer to enlightenment on this road.We’ll be reaching Thansen (1,500 m) in the afternoon.Nepal is sandwiched between northern India, Tibet and spectacular Himalayan peaks.The dazzling, untouched glaciers of the Mount Everest range are gleaming in the distance.

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