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Even Dafran admitted he was in the wrong, and other pro gamers noted his behavior and commented on it, which meant that if Blizzard didn’t act they could have ended up with other players thinking there would be no consequences if they emulated him.The speed of the response compared to games like is interesting, but hardly surprising with Blizzard trying to build an esports brand here.Behavior like Dafran’s is simply bad for Blizzard’s reputation.Also, I imagine it’s really annoying to play with someone who spends his time creating pop art with Torbjorn’s turrets instead of actually helping you win the game — even if he legitimately is one of the best players in the world.If there's an opportunity for a black market there will always be one.But in World of Warcraft there's now the option not to visit that market.PLEX didn't kill gold-selling and its ilk but it drove illegal currency prices down, notes Nosy Gamer, and when the business potential for selling Eve currency disappeared, so did the desire to stock it.

Or perhaps they will look to new powers in online gaming such as Destiny.

It’s not like that does you any good when he’s watching explicit games and deliberately dying back at the start point.

I'd tried saving the hard way, and it wasn't working. I didn't talk about it in the game - only to friends on chat programs, voice or text, hosted outside of WOW.

So today, instead of conspicuously whistling my way to my in-game mailbox and retrieving a bulging sack of ask-no-questions gold, I can hold my head high all the way to the Auction House.

And this time when all the chat spam and bad stuff related to illicit gold-farming infects my game I can, as I always should have, legitimately chastise it.

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