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The state variable automata proceed independently but may notify each other when a value step has been completed; this leads to a recalculation of delays.The approach has been implemented in the tool ANIMO for analyzing biological kinase networks in cells.In the first contribution, we address the problem of finding the maximum among a set of elements in a Crowdsourcing scenario.

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Tomography is a widely used imaging tool to explore the 3D inner structure of object without having to cut it open using penetrating beams.

We developed online algorithms for the problem of finding the cost-minimizing strategy for hiring, firing and outsourcing workers for solving all tasks in the input stream, by taking into account the skills of each available worker. He has also interest in Data-Mining and Information-Retrieval.

Using a primal-dual scheme, we prove that the developed algorithms have logarithmic competitive-approximation ratios. in "Engineering in Computer Science" at DIAG-Sapienza-University-of-Rome, where he got also both his B. Many software systems have to operate in uncertain and dynamic environments, which often makes it difficult to model or specify their ideal behavior at design time.

Some of these applications require specific treatment because of the imaging conditions (few projections, noise, setup geometry, etc.) and most of them need segmentation of the 3D volumes to extract the features of interest.

In this context, some algorithmic tools developed within the group, with a focus on discrete tomography, will be presented.

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