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It is one of the world's oldest orchestral institutions.Bergen was the home of Norway's great composer, Edvard Grieg.

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Except for the dense city center, which made up the entire city before 1916, Bergen is the least dense of the four largest cities in Norway.These averages are merely indications as weather is famously unpredictable and rain does not appear in any regular pattern..Bergen is one of the most important cultural centers in Norway.Frost just below 0 C and some snow occurs between December and February, but temperatures colder than -10 C are very rare. For the rest of us, the trick is obviously to choose the time of visit with caution.The infamous rain should not keep visitors away in summer, because when the sun breaks through after a rainy day, hardly any city twinkles and glows like Bergen..

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    There are no restrictions to the number of reciprocal clubs visited, and we are constantly adding to the list. James’s Club please do let us know and we would be delighted to welcome you!

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