Pioneer tv guide not updating

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I'd like to program my recordings manually without using the TV guide interface, I have analog cable with an RF connection to the recorder. Thanks I hope this will help "When prompted in the initial setup, in the "setup navigator" it will ask whether you want to set the "auto channel setting" for use with 1) antenna , 2) cable , or 3) do not set .

Just simply select DO NOT SET and you should be able to effectively ignore all of those TV Guide or related problems with your setup." One question.

Then last November, the company, since renamed to Rovi, sent a brief and unenlightening message to "TVGOS" users through their sets' guide apps that it would shut down the entire operation."In order to deliver the broadcast guide service, Rovi has relied on over-the-air traditional broadcast data service providers," wrote spokeswoman Linda Quach in an e-mail explaining that the Santa Clara, Calif., firm's deals with CBS and a PBS subsidiary had expired.

"We no longer have agreements in place with these broadcast data service providers."The shutdown concluded across the United States by the end of April.

Some still have TVGOS, courtesy of it continuing to be available over the Internet.

I'm one of those lucky purchasers, owing solely to the fact that our Sony TV came with that option when we bought it in 2009; a year earlier, and we'd be out of luck too.

I would think that part of the system would still work, even if the EPG listing part of the system is not set up. This was an underrated, under-supported system that allowed digital TVs to get show schedules from a broadcast data feed and display them in a simple program grid.A year later, Macrovision (previously best known for developing the technology that made videotaped copies of some movie releases unwatchably scrambled) bought Gemstar and continued to develop the system.Other channels are only displaying the current programme and the next.I've tried reverting it back to shipping condition and that didn't improve the situation.

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