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Crim Trac is responsible for the ongoing delivery of the child offender register services and the development of technologies that support the management of child offenders and the investigation of child exploitation.

Under ANCOR, people convicted of sexual or other serious offences against children will be required to register with police and provide details such as club memberships and even travel plans.

National Sex Offender Registry is celebrating 17 years of free service with no advertising.

Mr Cartwright said the rapid growth in the number of convicted offenders on the register had to do with people becoming more confident in reporting assaults and adults reporting historic attacks against them.Callers must have a name and ONE identifier to find out if the individual is a registered sex offender in New York State.Sex Offender Search is a service provided free of charge to help you search for and find sexual predators in your area, locate sex offenders maps and sex offender registries in the United States.The figures reveal 502 failures to comply with reporting obligations during the last financial year.There were also an additional 13 instances where offenders provided false or misleading information and one case where an offender worked in a child-related job.

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