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Just from this alone she now knew that what she'd hoped was actually true, he was a fucking sissy, or at least had fantasies of being a "Latex Fetish sissy slut" as he called it.She knew he'd never be a convincing woman, but he could be a convincing fetish slut and she could put him to work as one, that was for sure.So now she knew he was genuinely bi, even if he said gay scenes needed to be forced for his little slut brain to cope.In reality he was truly bi and just needed to be freed to be the best Sissy he could be.He checked his slut email for the tenth time that day and his heart leapt and his cock twitched as he saw an email from Doctor Domme in his inbox.

Getting in touch about her new sub might be worth it, as the silly slut had even posted photos obviously taken by Mistress Dee in the in the session. That would open some serious possibilities for the next time pete visited Sydney, but this time under Miss Megan's control.She knew for many aspiring sissies and subs, that eating other mens cum was a very difficult hurdle to jump.That many in her experience, baulked when they were faced with the reality of eating cum or even sucking cock for the first time.Her view was always make them vulnerable, make them very horny, make them eager and then as sure as eggs are eggs, subs always gave far too much information away. Persuading him to give her the passwords was far too easy, a sub with a gaping ass and a hard cock were easy meat for her to prey on.She spent a good few hours sifting through the profiles, The FL profile provided a wealth of information, the people he was friends with, the messages he'd posted, the photo's he'd liked or posted.

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