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The run time of the video is about 30min and the one thing that we thought was crazy was that his tongue reminded us a lot of Gene Simons as it is huge, long and pointy…so Verne shows us if you can’t get it done with your dingy use your tongue as your backup plan. Take a look at the sex tapes and decide for yourself!Calls to Verne’s reps came back to us finally: “No comment” LOL!However, the truth was she merely had gotten drunk and filmed them having sex.Fred Durst filmed himself having sex with his girlfriend.

The teen's mom slapped Lowe with a civil lawsuit claiming that he had used his celebrity status as a way to coerce her into making a porno.Here’s a listing of all the major celebrity sex tapes organized in alphabetical order by last name.The list includes masturbation, BJs, threesomes, political fallout and a limp bizkit.Mini Me and Ranae Shrider had their private sex tape leaked.Evidently, there is a sex tape involving the diminutive Verne Troyer and a Kentuckian that goes by the handle Ranae Shrider (note to reader: spell check hated both of those names). We haven't seen the tape (nor will we, we're still pretty traumatized by that video of a woman felating a horse that was going around in college), but it involves sex, Verne Troyer, and a standard-sized woman.

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