Who is kat von d dating now 2016

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Kat Von D would like you to know her makeup team has plenty of diversity …

and by that, she means a diverse mixture of white or white-looking people.

She also said that she would ‘disassociate myself from him and his brand from this point on’.

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But considering the fact that her foundation range has a plethora of colors for people lighter than a brown paper bag but remains woefully lacking for anyone darker, perhaps she should take a step back from criticizing people looking for more diversity on her team.Others compared her comments to Marc Jacobs’s recent proclamation that he doesn’t “see color” when he’s getting inspired for his runway shows, which feature mostly white models.white latinas/kat von d be like ‘we are all mexican, argentinan, colombian.The makeup mogul posted an image to Instagram showing her artistry team.Besides awesome makeup, all eight women on her team had one thing in common, which one commenter couldn’t help but point out.

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