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At U2's concert tonight in Barcelona, before the band played the new song, "The Little Things That Give You Away," Bono told the audience that -- according to The Edge -- Songs Of Experience will be out before the end of the year.

In an interview with Variety, Adam Clayton says U2's next album is "ready to go." Here's the full quote: ["Songs of Experience"] has been ready to go for awhile, because it didn't require a lot of surgery, so to speak -- it was a little bit of cosmetic surgery.

We’re roping in some really good remixes that are going to kick an entirely new door wide open for U2 fans.

The world right now is listening to such different music that you can’t expect a 20-year-old to gravitate to a U2 record if it’s not put in the context of what they listen to today.

In addition the above, there are numerous other unreleased songs dating back 10 years or more that could still see the light of day. What about Adam Clayton appeared on BBC Radio 2 today and told host Chris Evans that U2 "will be elderly gentlemen" by the time U2 releases its next album.

Titles include "You Can't Give Away Your Heart," "Mercy," "North Star," "Love Is All We Have Left," "If I Could Live My Life Again," "Winter," "Soon," "Glastonbury" and "Return Of The Stingray Guitar." Some of these have been played in concert. He also said, "We've certainly got lots of leftover pieces, but by the time we come to make another record, I'm sure we'll start from scratch." Bono appears on Sirius XM radio in an interview with Bill Flanagan. Bono mentions a new song, "The Book Of Your Heart," which will only be on the deluxe version of In a Rolling interview, Edge says the album is "absolutely ready to go besides the last polish." He also mentions a song called "The Lights Of Home" -- this is the track that U2 played over the PA system for fans who participated in the video shoot for "The Blackout." During an interview on KROQ-FM to promote "You're The Best Thing About Me," Bono said the album will be released December 1.

1) Love Is All We Have Left 2) Lights Of Home 3) You're The Best Thing About Me 4) Get Out Of Your Own Way 5) American Soul 6) Summer Of Love 7) Red Flag Day 8) The Showman (Little More Better) 9) The Little Things That Give You Away 10) Landlady 11) The Blackout 12) Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way 13) 13 (There Is A Light) Bonus tracks: 1) Ordinary Love (Extraordinary Mix) 2) Book Of Your Heart 3) Lights Of Home (St Peter's String Version) 4) You're The Best Thing About Me (U2 vs Kygo) It's possible that some of these titles were changed and have already appeared under a different name.

could be released "possibly even this decade." After saying that the band has forbidden him from talking about release dates, he shared a lengthy lyrical excerpt from one of the new songs, "The Little Things That Give You Away." The night gave you a song, a light had been turned on, You walked out in the world like you belonged there As easy as a breeze, each heart was yours to tease Is it only me who sees there's something wrong here It's the little things that give you away The words you cannot say Your big mouth in the way It's the little things that reveal and betray Has the hunter now become the prey It's the little things, the little things That give you away I saw you on the stairs You didn't notice I was there That's cos you were busy talking at me Not to me You were high above the storm A hurricane being born But this freedom, it might cost you your liberty It's the little things that give you away The words you cannot say Your big mouth in the way It's the little things that reveal and betray Has the hunter now become the prey It's the little things, the little things that give you away In an interview with Rolling about the launch of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017, Edge spoke about the band's decision to put Songs Of Experience on hold because of recent changes in the political landscape: "Well, when we came off the last tour, the Innocence and Experience indoor tour, we headed straight into finishing the second album of that set, Songs of Experience, which we were pretty much complete with after a couple of weeks of the final touches leading up to the end of the year.I mean, that record, when we performed it live, the songs became very, very masculine and very tough and we didn't really capture that on the record. The MOJO article mentions several songs, all of which have been added or updated in our list above: "The Showman," "The Best Thing About You Is Me," (note: we think that's a typo and the actual title ends "About Me Is You") "The Little Things That Give You Away," "Red Flag Day" and "Summer Of Love." The latter two are said to reference the refugee crisis in Europe.So again one of the reasons why we're trying to slow this down a bit is we really want to get the mixes right. Bono describes "Summer Of Love" as "achingly beautiful and empty. Clayton says hopes the band will play 1-2 songs from the next album during the upcoming tour.About 200 guests and U2members were invited in to be part of the video shoot, then sworn to secrecy until the video/song is released.In a Beats1 interview with Zane Lowe, Bono mentioned a new song called "American Soul" and recited these lyrics: It's not a place, this country is to me a thought That offers grace for every welcome that is sought Edge also reiterated his belief that the new album will be out this year.

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