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Bruce Smith, of the Smithsonian Institution on Thursday, January 29th.

I wasn’t the only person to find this to be very interesting timing for the Smithsonian to issue such a proclamation: “Bruce D.

I certainly consider myself a researcher, but my primary work is material forensics.

The standard I have to meet is to be able to testify in a court of law, under oath, to my scientific findings which must be supported by factual evidence.

My geological work on the Bat Creek Stone was professionally peer-reviewed in accordance with ASTM and AASHTO standards.

It is those scientific standards that the building of our nation in the modern age was based upon.

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Smith doesn’t understand the scientific data which is consistent and conclusive with authenticity.

Therefore, to accept unsupported speculation of Mainfort and Kwas and thereby disparaging the reputation of John Emmert, and by association casting doubt on all of the Smithsonian’s excavations and findings of this era, reeks of an agenda.

The seriousness of this situation, in my opinion, demands a Congressional investigation since the Smithsonian receives government funding.

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